Pizza Party 2! Tuesday July 14th @ 8pm

Pizza Party 2 FlyerPizza Party II will feature videos by…

Andrew Filiponne, Jr.
Brendan Harman
Erica Magrey
Mike Nason
Sophia Peer
Rock-afire Explosion
Sunset Television
…and more!!!

Our Frank will spin sassy sounds while a pizza spins!

Pizza, pizza cake, and party cocktail specials!

At K&M Bar North 8th and Roebling – Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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Pizza Party 2: Now Accepting Video Submissions

Pizza Party 2 * Tuesday July 14th * 8-late * K+M Bar

We are now accepting video submissions for the next Pizza Party.  Katie and Rachael will be at K+M on Tuesdays June 30th and July 7th from 9-10pm to pick up videos.  We are also accepting submissions through the mail or over the web.  Please email if you are interested and let us know if you will be stopping by on a Tuesday night.

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Pizza Party 1..

was a success! Thanks to Amy at K&M, Our Frank for spinning sassy sounds and all the video artists who participated:

Steve Cossman, Ryan Dickie, Brendan Harman, Katie Klencheski, Rachael Morrison, Mike Nason, Patrick Parker, Chris Rice, Andrew Steinmetz & Jennifer Sullivan, and Sunset Television.


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